The Gloss Factory Mobile Detailing


Maintenance Wash (1-1.5 hours)

***Note this service is only for customers who have had at least the clay and sealant package***
  • Waterless/rinseless wash or foam wash
  • Wheels cleaned with ph neutral cleanser
  • Tires leaned and dressed
  • Interrior/exterior glass cleaned
  • Light interior wipe down
  • Light interior vaccuum
  • Finalized with choice of spray wax or spray sealant
Clay and sealant Package​ (2-4hours)

***the most popular package**
  • Waterless/rinseless wash or foam wash 
  • Iron decontamination
  • Claybar
  • Sealant application (up 3 months of protection)
  • Wheels cleaned with ph neutral cleanser
  • Tires cleaned and dressed
  • Light interior wipe down
  • Light interior vacuum
Interior Detail (dependent on vehicles interior)
  • Vacuum interior
  • Interior plastics steam cleaned and dressed 
  • Carpets and fabric spot cleaned (note: not all stains can be completely removed
  • Interior glass cleaned

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